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This is Us

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Our Vision

The vision behind the Sorted Global brand is to bring communities, families, individuals and businesses together; in other words we aim to bring together a network of events and community experiences throughout the UK that bring health and wellbeing advice, experiences and fun for everyone.

We have already started to recruit brand Ambassadors with Josh Eales and Steph Smith leading the way.

Josh is an Oxford Brookes Undergraduate (3rd year) studying Coaching and Sports Science and Steph is the Founder, Director and Lead Physiotherapist at Pea Green Physio. She is also a Pilates and Yoga teacher.

All topics for the Sorted Global brand are centred around health, fitness and wellbeing of families, communities and individuals and will always be underpinned by the Sorted Global core values of Respect, Decency, Integrity, Honesty, Accountability and Care.

Once society stabilises after the COVID-19 pandemic ends, Sorted Global events and Pop-Up Workshops will go live – so keep checking our website and social media accounts for updates.

Although we are looking for funding for our project to truly begin... we have already made a start... take a look at our Events section where you will see Sorted Global sponsored the No Child Left Behind inaugural awards ceremony for Cheltenham Borough Council - it was such a privilege to be involved in such a great and worthwhile initiative. Brilliant!

So, please do come and join us on this exciting journey and let's make a difference...Together

Together we are one, Harmony through talking, Community engagements,

Our Ethos

We believe that society in general is broken.

We now live in such fast moving and evolving times that we are losing everyday life skills and we feel that for society to change for the better, these skills need to be harnessed and brought to the fore.

Things such as:

Basic everyday cookery for children and adults

Parenting including helping children to play

Financial understanding

Sport and all the benefits it brings to everyone

Animal welfare

All these skills came naturally to parents, families and individuals in years gone by but back then people had more time.- this imbalance needs to be addressed in order to create a more kind, thoughtful and caring world

Sorted Global is creating a series of events that cater to all of these aspects of life…events that bring together all generations…that creates a place for younger people to learn from the older generation… and the older generation to learn from the younger generation. Events that form a solid base for future generations to be inspired and fulfilled.

What we do

Sorted Global, Mindfulness, Wellbeing, Community Engagements, Pop-Ups, Online Communities Fun educational events that will inspire all generations.

" Live Experiences "

" Online Communities "

" Live Experiences "

Coming Soon - Inspiring, Fun and Educational Events for all Generations

Sorted Global, Community, Unity, Engagement, Wellbeing, Mindfulness, Yoga, Pilates, Sports,Pop-Ups, Nattershack, Online Communities, Michelle Shingler, Leo Speck

" Pop Ups "

" Online Communities "

" Live Experiences "

Coming Soon - New Skills, Old Skills we all Love Skills. Fun and engaging Pop-Up events that will help you, your family and community learn new skills and creative ideas for a sustainable community future. 

Nattershack, Sorted Global, Community Engagement, Online Communities, together we are stronger, Talk to each other

" Online Communities "

" Online Communities "

" Online Communities "

Coming Soon

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